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Ronnie Forbes and One Nation Dream Makers were recently mentioned in the District 1 Newsletter by Supervisor David Haubert. Below are snippets from the Newsletter:



Letter from Supervisor Haubert

Dear District 1,

     As we transition into March, I hope this message finds you in good health and high spirits. I invite you to explore the latest updates in our newsletter and read inspiring stories of perseverance from our residents, highlighting the remarkable diversity and passion that empowers our region. Your continued participation is sincerely appreciated, as it creates an inclusive, positive, and cooperative environment in our District!

   As always, if there is anything that my office can do to assist you regarding County-specific matters, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]


David Haubert
Alameda County Supervisor 
District 1


UnnamedRonnie Forbes

For the plethora of nonprofits and charitable coalitions in our County, Ronnie Forbes is recognized as an unwavering change-maker, endeavoring to aid our community's most vulnerable citizens. Born in 1962, Ronnie Forbes’s life took a significant turn when he joined the military in 1984, serving in Korea for three years. However, after his discharge Ronnie battled with PTSD, leading him to homelessness and cycles of incarceration. Amidst these struggles, Ronnie also grappled with drug and alcohol addiction, further complicating his journey toward recovery.

However, during this challenging period, a divine intervention occurred during Ronnie’s final days in Santa Rita jail. In a grace-filled moment of clarity, God spoke to Ronnie, presenting him with a choice: to serve behind the prison walls or outside them, but to serve nonetheless. Inspired by this revelation, Ronnie made a transformative decision that would change the trajectory of his life forever.

Returning to the streets where he once struggled to survive, Ronnie embarked on a mission of compassion and service. He began delivering food to those in need, drawing from his personal experiences with housing and food insecurity. Motivated by his personal growth, Ronnie founded the One Nation Dream Makers (ONDM), an organization dedicated to combatting hunger in Alameda County.

Ronnie’s commitment to service extends beyond his work with ONDM. He became involved with veteran organizations such as the VFW and the American Legion, leveraging his experiences to support his fellow veterans.

In Ronnie Forbes, we find a story of resilience and determination, inspiring others to turn adversity into opportunity and make a difference in their communities. This year, on July 4th, Ronnie will celebrate 9 years of sobriety, exemplifying the power of persistence and selfless service. 

Click here to read about their work!

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